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They’re Holding Our Grievance Money Hostage

by Gary Walkowicz

The “Equity of Sacrifice” grievance is scheduled for arbitration September 15. But many people believe that the money for the grievance will be put into our new contract.

But why the hell should it be part of the new contract? The grievance was to get back concessions that Ford workers gave up in the last contract. It was written over a year and a half ago, after Ford gave back money to the salaried workers and to management and to Alan “I’m Fine Where I’m At” Mulally.
August 29, 2011

Don't Sell Your Children Out!

by Nick Waun

Since the tiered wage was introduced, it has been with us like the tail on a dog. And long after the dog died, the tail has continued to wag…

The next generation is being segregated and discriminated against. Seniority workers are being shoved aside to make room for new hires. With the tier two, there is no job security.
August 13, 2011

If we don’t get rid of 2-tier, we will all be 2nd tier one day.

by Gary Walkowicz

In 2007, when permanent 2-tier jobs were negotiated at Ford, GM and Chrysler, it may have been the biggest pay cut in this country’s history. $28-an-hour jobs instantly became $14-an-hour jobs. For the next generation of autoworkers, 2-tier means no chance to raise a family decently, no chance to buy a house or even buy the products that we build.

But it’s not just the next generation that is at risk. Does anyone really believe that if we allow 2- tier to continue, it is going to stop with the new hires?
August 8, 2011

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