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GM took the workers' money and doesn't want to give it back. They want to make the concessions permanent.

by Gary Walkowicz

The tentative GM contract means this: GM will give the workers a signing bonus of $5,000 (before taxes), plus three $1,000 bonuses (before taxes) and GM will get to keep all of the concessions that they have taken from the workers.

NO raises, NO COLA, NO performance bonuses, NO Christmas bonuses, NO Easter Monday holiday, NO overtime after 8 hours, NO return of lost break time. NO end to skilled trades consolidation. Everything the workers wanted back, GM said “NO, NO, NO.”

September 20, 2011

Why I Will Be Voting No!

by Nick Waun

We have yet to see this year’s tentative national agreement with General Motors. It would be nice if they posted it all online so that the rank and file can read it. Given past practice, that is unlikely. For sure we will get some sugar coated highlights, and plenty of rumors from the press; but what I want is a chance to read the actual contract language that I am expected to vote on. So far I haven’t heard anything in the media that sounds encouraging.
September 19, 2011

What they’re saying about the contract doesn’t add up to what we need.

by Gary Walkowicz

2nd-tier needs more than a small raise.

They’re talking about a raise of a couple dollars an hour for 2nd-tier workers. That would still leave 2nd-tier workers near the poverty level for a family of four. The only way to fix 2-tier is to bring everybody up to the first tier. Equal pay for equal work!

September 12, 2011

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